7 African Powers Book of Black Magick Curses by S Rob

7 African Powers Book of Black Magick Curses by S Rob

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  • Elegua appeared
  • THE CURSE OF ELEGUA: Using the Orisha Elegua to pull an enemies soul of full body to a bad realm
  • Obatala appeared
  • THE CURSE OF OBATALA: using the Orisha Obatala to destroy someone totally
  • Orunla appears
  • THE CURSE OF ORUNLA: Using the Orisha Orunla to send evil into someone’s mind
  • Yemaya appeared
  • THE CURSE OF YEMAYA: Using the Orisha Yemaya to curse with lack of sustenance and cruelty
  • Chango appeared
  • THE CURSE OF CHANGO: Using the Orisha Chango to curse someone with fire, and to fight Chango 
  • Ogun appearing
  • THE CURSE OF OGUN: Using the Orisha Ogun to attack someone with his power
  • Oshun appears
  • THE CURSE OF OSHUN: Using the Orisha Oshun to take away that which makes life worth living
  • Astral projecting to see the orishas

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