Home Health Remedies by Tara O'Leary

Home Health Remedies by Tara O'Leary

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Brand:  Finbarr Occultism



Fast effective help for a variety of problems. Obtain immediate relief from an allergy …immediate relief from claustrophobia … immediate cessation of anxiety. Immediate relief from a bee's sting; stop bleeding from cuts in two seconds; relief from leg cramp in a flash; instant help for toothache.

And much more: help for asthma … bad breath … constipation … fast hay fever relief … nose congestion … alleviate – even stop – problems with the voice … stop hiccups in a flash. There's practical help for improving concentration and memory; for dealing with jet lag; remaining alert for a long drive. How to give your exercises a boost … beating insomnia … sore throat … stopping a cold dead in its tracks.

How to be wide awake in the morning, rather than struggling with a 'foggy' head. How to immediately stop a craving for sweet foods.
All so simple: you will wonder why some of these home remedies are so little known, given their amazing effectiveness. Absolutely safe and surer working than drugs.




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