Magick Spells for Love, Lust & Romance by Franklin H. Zboyan

Magick Spells for Love, Lust & Romance by Franklin H. Zboyan

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A spellbook for both MEN AND WOMEN

BRAND NEW, 48 Pages, Softcover

Table of Contents Include:

Welcome to the wonderful world of love spells..4

Opening the gates to love, lust, and romance..5

Things you will need to get started..7

An important note on the spells and rituals in this book..11

How to make "Love Attracting" perfume oil..12

Firey lust spell..12

Dream of your love spell..13

Easy full moon love spell..14

Draw lover to you spell..14

Friendship to lover spell..15

Think of me spell..16

Binding of souls spell..17

Enchanted love letter spell..18

"Make something happen" flirt ritual..19

Relationship spell..20

Marriage proposal/acceptance spell..22

"Vril" energy spell to attract a lover..23

How to make your own love magnet attraction charms..25

Tarot card spell to acquire/call forth a lover..28

Creating a magic love talisman/seal..28

"Super voodoo" spells and rituals for love..30

Super voodoo dolla ritual for love..30

"Super voodoo" love luck mojo bag..32

10 more super voodoo doll love spells..33

A treasure-trove of 90 Easy & simple yet amazing love spells and rituals..35-48

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