Mind Magic Methods By Merlin Starlight

Mind Magic Methods By Merlin Starlight
 Mind Magic Methods By Merlin StarlightMind Magic Methods By Merlin Starlight 

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A Complete Magickal System


What is Mind Magic? “Mind Magic” is a modern system of magick that utilizes the mind-body connection to strike a beautiful balance between conscious thoughts and subconscious feelings with the result of making powerful changes to your reality. Learn real magick easier than ever!

Unlike traditional magick, Mind Magic does not require complex rituals, objects or ingredients, astronomical conditions, daily repetition, or the invoking of angels or other beings. It’s magick you can learn to do at any time all on your own! 

How is this book different? Mind Magic Methods doesn’t give you specific magick that you must do in a prescribed way. Instead, it teaches you the basic building blocks of real magick and some solid methodologies for working it. Then it instructs you on how to use those building blocks to create your own magick to alter any situation or conditions in your reality. The result: Magick that is both Flexible and Powerful!

What’s in the book?

In Mind Magic Methods, you will learn:

* The 4 basic steps of Mind Magic

* How to work magick using only your mind and your hands

* 5 key methodologies for conducting powerful magick

* How to engage the Mind Magic palette to activate the methodologies

* How to combine these methods to magnify and complement their power

* How to create and protect your magickal working space

* How to prepare for, open, carry out, and close a magickal session

* 4 exercises for quickly altering your state of consciousness

* Powerful strategies for success that will supercharge your magick

* 6 methods for deep detachment that allow magick to easily flow

* How to remove negative energies from within yourself

* How to raise key positive vibrational energies within yourself

* How to fix magickal mistakes

* Avoiding the biggest pitfall with magick

* And much, much more!

Can I actually learn real magick? Yes, you can!

Merlin Starlight’s simple, clear, down-to-earth explanations make Mind Magic quick to learn, intuitive to understand, and easy to practice! Mind Magic Methods is designed to promote your best success with magick!

It includes over 400 pages of detailed instructions on working magick, dozens of illustrations, examples of practical magick in a wide variety of areas, a full example Mind Magic Session, and appendices at the back for easy reference. Merlin’s love of his readers shines through in this timeless reference guide to a complete system of practical, powerful magick!

Begin today, and come to know the magick within You!

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