Resting My Way To Happiness & Good Fortune By Drayton Elwynne

Resting My Way To Happiness & Good Fortune By Drayton Elwynne

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Businessman-author Drayton Elwynne declares: 


‘All with little or no effort. No rituals. No visualization. No equipment.’ As unlikely as it seems, I have been ‘resting’ myself to not only good fortune but also riches for the last 20 years. The ‘trick’ is in my attitude towards what I call ‘Cosmic Mind’ or ‘Cosmic Power’, which religionists may call ‘God’.

Usually one is asked to meditate on or visualize this mystic power or otherwise try and ‘access’ it, through prayer for example. But my attitude is in accepting that the Power is there on tap, ready to come forward to help. I have found that the less I try, the more forthcoming is the Power. No need to struggle! It is so easy as to be almost unreal! All I do, would you believe, is find a comfortable chair or bed and wait for the Cosmic Mind to respond. And it always does! Unfailingly!

In this way I have made a fortune from the ideas received. I go to this Power continuously for whatever I want and each time I am helped! I receive a solution to every problem this way. I run several businesses for which I need a constant flow of ideas to keep thriving. I depend totally on the Cosmic Power for this.

In addition I am a successful writer of historical fiction, having published books under a variety of different pen names. I have received from Cosmic Mind the complete stories for these. I have never to fear ‘writer’s block’, for the inspiration is always there on tap. I am also a musician and songwriter. I receive melodies and lyrics complete after my resting sessions. There is no problem so intractable that it cannot solve. Nothing is beyond this Power, which is as limitless and inexhaustible as the universe itself!

This can be applied to anything, the solution to a health problem, for instance. Or the solution to a loveless relationship where there seems no way out. If you are a gambling person the Cosmic Mind will give you ‘hot’ numbers or the names of potential horse or dog winners. It needs only one good idea to turn anyone’s life around. The Cosmic Mind has as many ideas as you need. You only have to ‘rest and accept’, which I explain in my booklet.

The universe is good. Life is good. Simply allow the Cosmic Power to show you how. You will never have read anything simpler than this. And enjoyable. For this is meant to be a pleasurable experience.

Believe me, you will be hooked on it like I have been. And there will be no more looking back...

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