The Open Door To Riches By The Gnostic

The Open Door To Riches By The Gnostic

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Author, who calls himself simply ‘The Gnostic’, defines ‘riches’ as ‘having all you need plus plenty to spare’. But everyone will have their own particular definition. Whatever, the definition can be obtained.

For most, there is a barrier between the present lack and the riches desired. That barrier the author describes as a shut door.

Through THE GNOSTIC PRAYER OF THE OPEN DOOR the barrier can be removed at once, says the author, paving the way for riches to flow unimpeded.

Based on a hidden Bible formula – of which most Christians are unaware – the author, an initiate of the mysteries, reveals something startling and simple.


So easy, it doesn’t even need to be learnt! No exercises, no meditation – only an acceptance of the liberating truth presented here. You need not be denied worldly wealth – it is not incompatible with the spiritual.

You can both be rich and spiritually empowered. There is no need to struggle.

Life’s abundance can be open to you.

This unique revelation gives you the lift you need!

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