High Magick 101 By David Thompson

High Magick 101 By David Thompson

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A Beginner's Guide to High Magick (High Magick Studies)


A Beginner's Guide to High Magick.

A book version of my popular online class, High Magick 101, 202 and 303. In this book, I combine the classes into one single reference book, with easy to follow instructions designed to allow the interested student to progress from beginner to practitioner in a few days or weeks. 

No tedious meditations are needed. But you will need to invest in the time and space to begin practicing magick. I also include links to the items you'll need. 

Then I'll present a stripped-down high Magick ritual which includes all the needed steps, but in a stripped down manner to allow for practicing magick without the need for a lot of space or elaborate props.

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