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Daemonic Dreams Occult Books and Tools



Daemonic Dreams began life at the start of 2012, with their very first books being released in the January of that year.

At that point, we had a VERY small catalogue of a grand total of three titles!

In the intervening years, we've been quietly and consistently growing our Product List, with the skills of some of the best, most experienced Occult authors, alongside a number of remarkable new writers, who we're proud to have found so that their works can be shared with an emerging new generation of Students of the Occult.

As at this point (August, 2022), Daemonic Dreams now has more than 120 titles in  print, covering a VAST amount of Occult topics, from many different Paths.  We have supplied thousands of titles, all over the world, since our launch, and we have even BIGGER plans, moving into the future.  We hope you'll hang around for the ride..!



We're a small, family-owned company, headed-up by Rob Stanley, in the United Kingdom

Rob, a qualified Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and practising Ceremonial Magician, looks after the business (alongside being the main Carer for his disabled wife) 24/7, ably and regularly assisted by his son, Luke.

Rob is an Initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and is also a highly-skilled, traditional crafter of Magickal and Ceremonial Talismans, under the brand name, 'The TalisMan'. 

And with over 60 Gleaming Brass and Sterling Silver Talismans, we are now the UK's leading supplier of authentically Hand-Crafted Talismans, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else!





Daemonic Dreams is committed to continuing the working style of the legendary Parker Publishing Company, from the United States, and  Finbarr Books, from the United Kingdom; both classic Occult publishers from the 'golden era' of the modern Occult Revival, back in the '60's and '70's.

Like Finbarr, you will never find any of our books in an ordinary bookstore, nor can you order them from Amazon - they are simply too specialised (and - in many cases - too controversial!) for mass-consumption.

As a result, you will note that many of our titles are highly-priced, in comparison to 'ordinary' books.  This is down to several factors - primary of which is that we are working from short print runs, which raises the production costs considerably.  The other reason is that, as a growing business, we are committed to continually re-investing in discovering new authors, and making sure they get paid a decent rate for all their hard work!

Your custom makes it possible for us to continue to produce these extraordinary titles, and to support writers from the Occult Community, for a very long time to come... THANK YOU!