Angels & Demons By Carl Nagel

Angels & Demons By Carl Nagel
 Angels & Demons By Carl NagelAngels & Demons By Carl Nagel 

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Angels & Demons


Carl Nagel


Since pre-biblical times, mankind has been fascinated with the subject of powerful, supernatural beings, who are able to grant all manner of Magickal aid to humans.

Despite being revered as gods, many of the Spiritual Forces which were ceremonially used, were eventually re-classified - by a variety of religions - as either Angels or Demons, depending upon their spheres of operation.

Within the pages of this title, world-recognised Occult authority, Carl Nagel, provides a number of very simple methods for evoking these powerful beings YOURSELF!

Nagel is an expert at simplifying Occult Workings, so that even the average person  can safely and effectively benefit from REAL occult ceremonies, which can  be simply performed in their own homes.

Alongside the methods of Evocation provided is also a carefully-chosen list of KEY Angelic and Demonic entities, with complete descriptions of the benefits they can be used to obtain - all in this astounding and essential Handbook of the Occult Arts.

You will learn how to attract wealth, health and riches untold, within these pages.  You will learn how to contact, and develop an on-going relationship with POWERFUL spiritual forces, who can be called upon any time you desire.

Whatever you need is within your grasp - you have only to reach out, and it CAN NOW BE YOURS!




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