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Publisher:  Daemonic Dreams

Howard Vernon

Unlock the power of your PERSONAL Demonic Spirit!


Howard Vernon, author of the acclaimed ‘Secrets of the Dark Empire’, is back!
With his trademark oath-breaking frankness, Vernon here lays bare some of the MOST POWERFUL DEMONIC CONJURATIONS EVER PUBLISHED.
Within these pages, you will find - finally - the real truth behind the jealously guarded secrets of Demonic Evocation.  You will also discover a veritable treasure-trove of Demonic Rituals and Evocations, written especially for the 21st Century practitioner of Black Magick.

Carefully-constructed in seven sections, the Demonicum will provide you with the true key of connecting and working with your own, personal Demonic Spirit, to unlock a whole host of powerful Demonic Forces.

Once contacted, these vastly powerful spirits will stop at nothing, in order to fulfil your every desire; whatever you seek, be it luxuries untold, revenge upon those who have caused you pain, the return of a lost love, sex in abundance, power over others, health...it can all be yours, for the taking!

Please be aware that this is not an ordinary ‘spell-book’, and that the dark forces, summoned by the incantations in these pages are very real indeed.  This is most definitely not a book for the faint-of-heart, or the occult-dabbler, and the rites given here carry tangible powers that should NOT be employed lightly.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, or a complete newcomer to the Black Magickal Arts, you will find workings within this book that will produce concrete results, quickly and easily.  You have only to decide what you truly desire, and then carry out the simple step-by-step ritual to bring it into being.

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