Found! by Lois Montsorrel

Found! by Lois Montsorrel

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Lois Montsorrel


Woman located not one, but twelve oil fields!

A man directed to the site of not one, but three buried treasures!

Young man found missing brother!

Wife makes deserting husband return home, begging forgiveness!

Woman's missing cat returns after one day!

Man has regular income from small lottery wins!

'Yes! Anyone can use this power!' declared psychic researcher Lois Montsorrel. The power to find is in every person! 'NOTHING IS EVER REALLY LOST! she declares!

Anything can be found, she claims, be it a missing object or a missing person!

Everything you need to know is in this concise and highly practical booklet. You are taken from A to Z no experience is necessary!


You are shown how to test your latent power; and to make rapid progress until you are able to locate anything you want.  It reads like science fiction, but it isn't! Dowsing is as old as humankind itself! Miss Montsorrel's booklet suggests a different approach to the traditional methods - ten times more effective, she claims!

We repeat - no experience necessary! And spectacular results are possible!

Merely by casting one's hand over a map a missing person's location can be detected! But this booklet takes one further: to the very street - even the house - where they are!

But this is information you will not find in any other dowsing book!

Whatever this strange power is, no one knows. Miss Montsorrel speculates on an 'anti-universe, a dimension parallel to ours where everything is the complete opposite; time runs backwards, the future already past! Glimpses of this 'anti-universe' can work wonders in 'our' universe.

Yet it is perfectly safe, indeed, the human faculty of 'psychic finding' is in us all.

Anyone can develop this wondrous gift!  And its applications are without end!

Something lost in the home? You can find it! Something stolen? You can identify the thief!

It can be used to determine when to bet and when not to! A lost lover, you don't know where they are. This method changes that. Step by step you will find first in what area - or country - they are; then how to home in on their precise location. Then there is the Reappearance Chant - only when required - to rekindle their interest.

What amazes those acquainted with this power is where it comes from - for little or no effort is required.  It is locked within each of us - waiting to be activated.
It has been well documented over the years and you will read in this booklet of how it enabled a soldier to save an army from thirst and collapse; a woman who sensed with her fingers the site of 12 oil fields; how criminals have been identified and apprehended; and other extraordinary feats, accomplished with ease!

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