The Grimoire of Deathful Wombs by VK Jehannum

The Grimoire of Deathful Wombs by VK Jehannum

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V. K. Jehannum

Astonishing new author, V. K. Jehannum makes his debut in print with his powerful system of Qliphothic Demonolatry.

Written specifically for both new and experienced Demonolators alike, The Grimoire of Deathful Wombs comprises a completely new system of working with a wealth of powerful Nightside Spirits.

An accomplished Demonolator, Jehannum guides the student through a full range of never-before-seen Rites and Invocations created and channelled especially for this groundbreaking book.

Within these pages, you will find DEVASTATINGLY powerful Rituals to assist you in accomplishing whatever your heart desires. Whether you are seeking to align your Magickal Practices to the Path of Demonolatry, using the Adoration of the Black Moon Rite, or to work with a specific set of Demons upon particular issues, you will find your needs equally well catered-for within this Grimoire.

Essential Contents Include:

  • The Nature of the Demonic The Devil, the Dragon & the Numinous
  • Aeshugar & the Gnostic Theory of Emanations
  • Nightside Revelations
  • The Adoration of the Black Moon
  • The Emissaries of Pandemonium
  • Sacred Space
  • The Pentagram Gateway Banishing of Deus Alienus
  • The Middle Pillar of Goetia
  • The Elevenfold Calling to the Nightside
  • The Nature of Qliphothic
  • A FULL SERIES of pre-tested Rituals
  • ...And Much more

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