GOETICA By Carl Nagel

GOETICA By Carl Nagel

Daemonic Dreams

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Carl Nagel returns, with his most comprehensive Magickal work to date!

GOETICA is one of the first modern-day Grimoires to contain a complete series of Magickal Operations that can be successfully and easily worked in the comfort of your own home.

Now, YOU can safely invoke the Spirits to:

- Attract the opposite sex
- Promote harmony & understanding
- Excite lust & depravity
- Initiate a constant flood of money
- Pass important exams or tests
- Destroy your enemies
- Stop idle gossip
- Protect your home & family
- And many, many more vital, powerful uses!

Crucially, Carl Nagel provides you with clear, effective instructions to construct your very own Hexagram of Solomon, by which you will be able to command an entire legion of Spirits to provide your every wish.

If you only purchase one Magickal workbook GOETICA is the safest, easiest and most effective ever to be made available. This remarkable book will enable you to tap your deepest desires and command them to become a physical reality.

Use GOETICA to give yourself an unfair advantage over all aspects of your life, and start reaping the true rewards that you are entitled to enjoy...

140 Pages, packed with Magickal Power!!




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