Phenomenal Familiar Power by I. Alejandro Virgilio

Phenomenal Familiar Power by I. Alejandro Virgilio

Daemonic Dreams

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Publisher:  Daemonic Dreams


I. Alejandro Virgilio


Ceremonial Magician I. Alejandro Virgilio (Author of ‘Pumped-Up Jar Spells) returns with a truly DYNAMITE book on the subject of Familiar Spirits - Powerful Occult Servants, especially empowered to assist you in any and every area of life!

From petitioning Powerful Spirits to bestow a given Familiar upon you, to creating one of your own, for a truly custom experience, Virgilio skilfully guides the Student, chapter-and-verse, through a variety of methods to acquire your very own Familiar Spirit.

A number of specific Rituals are provided to aid in the accomplishment of this task, along with your own set of FULLY CONSECRATED Olympic Seals - completely ready to use.

Within these pages, you will learn just how easy it is to work with your Familiar Spirits in order to Magickally obtain benefits which will dramatically smooth your path through life.

Whether you seek Success, Wealth, Charisma, Health... in fact, whatever areas of life you need to improve, you will find that the aid of one or more Familiar
Spirits could quite literally change your life for good!

All of the Rites you need to begin working with these fascinating (and often awe- inspiring) forces are provided within, as well as several diffent systems of working with this type of Spirit.

You’ll also learn how to properly house your Familiars and what kind of offerings are best for maintaining an effective bond.

If you have ever wanted to be able to get more done, to be in two places at once, to invisibly influence events and even enemies or love interests, then this book is ESSENTIAL reading.

A particularly powerful book, this title is not intended for the beginning Student of Occultism, as it contains material of an intermediate nature.

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