The Power Pentacles of Solomon the King - Pentacles of Venus

The Power Pentacles of Solomon the King - Pentacles of Venus
 The Power Pentacles of Solomon the King - Pentacles of VenusThe Power Pentacles of Solomon the King - Pentacles of Venus 

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Howard Vernon


Expert Occultist HOWARD VERNON is back, continuing his BRAND NEW SERIES of Truly Astonishing Magickal Practises.

Never before has there been a set of books so Uniquely Powerful, that they can open to you the doors of REAL MAGICKAL POWER.

This Title - focussing on the Magickal Pentacles of Venus - is a true work of Occult Mastery, and comes COMPLETE with everything you'll need to begin to work POWERFUL Solomonic Magick.

The figure of King Solomon and his wisdom and power exerted an almost hypnotic influence over magicians and esotericists since ancient times. Solomon's wisdom was seen as extending to astrology and magic, particularly the evocation and binding of spirits. By the Middle Ages and Renaissance a whole variety of grimoires, books of ceremonial magic, were attributed to the authorship of Solomon.

Drawing extensively from his working knowledge of The legendary Medieval Grimoire, 'The Greater Key of Solomon', Vernon has created a system of Magickal Workings which is modern, simple and - most of all, effective!

Filled with specially-written Rituals of Venus, this title covers a whole host of Magickal Operations and Rites, all designed to give YOU an unfair advantage in life!

With his trademark simplicity, Vernon guides you through creating your very own Altar of Venus, which you can then use - along with the specially prepared and Consecrated Seals and Pentacles which accompany this set - to perform Rites such as:


- The Pentacle Invocation Ritual of Luxury & Self-indulgence

- The Pentacle Invocation Spell to Incite Love in the Object of Your Desires

- The Seduction Ritual of the Prince Demons of Venus

- Pentacle Invocation Spell to Make Someone Come to You


Along with other Rituals, including Banishment of Loneliness, Rekindling A Mate's Interest, and Calling Forth the Spirits of Venus, you'll find this book a simply ESSENTIAL addition to your arsenal of Magickal Lore.


Set supplied complete with Anointed and Consecrated Parchment Seal set, and your SOLID BRASS Pentacle of Venus (Approx. 50mm dia.), which has been hand-crafted, using only Traditional techniques, especially for you by a Genuine Adept of the Hermetic Arts.

PLEASE NOTE: As each and every Brass Seal and Pentacle Set is Constructed and Consecrated specifically for each, individual customer, despatch may take 3-4 days.

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