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S. Rob

Prepare to lift the veil on one of the most powerful forms of pure Magickal Power, as author S Robson takes you on the Journey of A Lifetime...

The Hebrew Magickal system, known commonly as The Qabalah, is the very basis of almost ALL Western Magical Tradition; nowhere is it more successfully employed than within the awe-inspiring Magickal Traditions and Rites of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

Robson breaches the Golden Dawn Temples, to bring his uniquely powerful take on the Holy Magick of Creation itself!

Explaining this powerfully alluring System of Magickal practice, you will receive expert tuition on some of the core Magickal Rites of the Order of The Golden Dawn, along with a huge number of Qabalistic Rites and Vibrational Mantras never before published!

Within the pages of this essential book on the topic, you will learn:

  • The History of The Qabalah
  • The Meaning of The Tree of Life
  • The Functions of the 3 Pillars
  • Ceremonial Vibration
  • The Moses Word for Miracles
  • How to Travel to the Qabalistic Realms
  • The Rite of the Qabalistic Cross of The Golden Dawn
  • The Pentagram Ritual of The Golden Dawn
  • The Middle Pillar Ritual of The Golden Dawn
  • The Ritual of The Kingdoms
  • A Selection of Complete Sephirotic Rites to Bring Love, Victory,
  • Occult Abilities and Power in Life.
  • ...And a Full Set of Qabalistic Vibrational Formulas, which bring ASTOUNDING Results When Spoken
  • PLUS! Much, MUCH More!

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