THE WITCHERY By Lorna Greene

THE WITCHERY By Lorna Greene
THE WITCHERY By Lorna GreeneTHE WITCHERY By Lorna GreeneTHE WITCHERY By Lorna Greene

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By Lorna Greene

Witchcraft is a subject which has fascinated thousands, down the years.

Despite 21st Century scepticism, its practise has been growing for a number of years now, as more and more ordinary people discover one simple fact:
ANYONE can become a Witch, and put this age-old system to massively beneficial use in their lives today!

In this remarkable book, Lorna Greene (a High Priestess of her owncoven, for more than three decades) finally breaks the Witches Code, and reveals some of the MOST POWERFUL rites, spells, chants and potions to EVER be made public.


Within these covers, you will find simple, clear instructions which will allow you to BECOME A WITCH - no coven required!

- Candle Magic Spells
- Elemental Rites
- Defeating Opposition
- Moon Magic
- Obtaining Hidden Knowledge
- Making & Charging Talismans
- Making the Witch’s Dream Potion
- Bringing Prosperity
- Conjuring New Beauty
- Enforcing Your Will Upon Others
- Making People Contact You
- Finding New Love
- Using Signs & Omens
- And Much More!


You will find all of the above topics covered within this remarkable book, which has been both written and printed during very specific Moon phases, to ensure that SIMPLE OWNERSHIP of this title will make it a powerful, positive Talisman in its own right.

That's right - even if you simply READ this book, and do nothing else with it, you're likely to notice some of its many benefits, by means of simple ownership alone!

No other book has the power to change your life like THE WITCHERY

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