Amazing Magnet Magick

Amazing Magnet Magick

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Attracts and Magnifies the Power of the Good Spirits of the Inner Planes to Bring Riches... … Rewards... … Favours... … Wins... … Increased Income... … the Love and Admiration of Others... … Glowing Perfect Health... – AUTOMATICALLY AND EASILY..!

The magnet is a potent vehicle of magick, it possessing a metaphysical power to attract what you want in life.

This book by Audra shows how to use a simple fridge magnet – or any type of magnet – to attract and pull into your life an immediate flow of good luck and fortune!
All you need is a simple magnet and the calls to the Good Spirits in this book! Nothing more! It couldn't be simpler!

Immediately you call the Good Spirits of the Inner Planes magnetic forces are set in motion, enabling you to get whatever you want, from selling something quickly to attracting your ideal person!

In the area of transactions it works like a treat!
You can sell a car or a house much quicker!
You can drum up custom for your business or service in double quick time!
You can magnify the chances of winning games and competitions!

Everyone knows that if you hold a magnet to something it will attach or stick to it. So when used in magick it pulls the object of your desire to you!
This is an irresistible force!

It is as simple as ABC to use and if you have a fridge magnet, with this book you can:


Through this irresistible force you can attract any material thing, be it a gold ring, a new car, or a holiday abroad. Whatever your desire, it can be magnetized and materialized!

You can automatically attract money to afford the thing you want! Mysteriously and quickly!

This book also shows how to attract the Good Spirits of the Inner Planes to draw or pull a particular person toward you.

It shows how to attract good health. Also how to keep good health. 

You can attract friends and admirers. Others will be drawn to you … as if pulled by a magnet!

How to attract and magnetize someone famous: not as far fetched as it seems, as the author explains; but you may have to settle for a double or look-alike.

‘AMAZING MAGNET MAGICK’... – ‘amazing’ indeed!




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