Carl Nagel's Book of Shadows

Carl Nagel's Book of Shadows

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Merely Owning It Could Change Your Luck!


Conjurations! Invocations! Chants! Spells! Amulets! Rituals! Charms!


THE BOOK OF SHADOWS - your doorway to power, riches, love, glowing health!

At last you can possess and wield the magick that brings control of one's life and circumstances! Stop bad luck, overturn obstacles!

Magician Carl Nagel has simplified the texts of the ancient Book of Shadows to create an extremely easy-to-read-and-follow genuine work of magick.


It is literally a storehouse of magickal lore and power. Page after page of genuine magick, of spells, charms and evocations! ALL SO EASY TO PERFORM! No difficult to find materials are needed.  All you need is privacy and the will to change your circumstances!  And before reading a single page mere ownership of The Book Of Shadows can confer magickal power!  NOTHING MAY BE DENIED TO YOU AGAIN! You can break free of struggle, setbacks... YOU WILL HAVE TRUE MAGICK POWER WORKING NIGHT AND DAY FOR YOU!

The author calls it 'New Magick Power', for he was the first to de-codify and simplify what was previously too complicated. And the results are astounding!

There are simple chants that could put you knee-deep in cash!  Invocations that compel the odds to favour you!  Amulets that lead to hidden treasure!  THIS IS THE HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER MAGICK OF THE MEDIEVAL ADEPTS - once hidden, but now available to those who seek!  With The Book Of Shadows you can -* Have power over others!* Sway others around to your way of thinking!* Know others' secret intentions!

WITH HIS NEW MAGICK POWER NO-ONE CAN MANIPULATE YOU! You can manipulate them (but you should really only use this sacred power for good uses).

The Book Of Shadows rights wrongs! You can exact retribution on those who have wronged you.

For centuries such magick was kept hidden from view. IT IS NOW REVEALED IN PLAIN ENGLISH FOR YOU TO USE STRAIGHT AWAY!

The Book Of Shadows has page after page of magick. Apart from in the Introduction there are no case histories, no unnecessary theory. Only explaining what the aspiring magician needs to know and what results to expect.  The Book Of Shadows contains the highly potent symbols of New Magick Power, that once charged, create the vibrations around you that you seek.  Through The Book Of Shadows you can see future events before they happen! Avoid harm to yourself and loved ones!

Through New Magick Power you can lead a charmed life. Others will marvel at your new found luck - and you will be protected from their jealousy!

You are shown how to summon an Invisible Spirit Helper who will protect you and lead you to wonderful opportunities for the good of yourself and your loved ones. This is not an evil spirit - no evil spirits are conjured here.

You can repel malicious psychic attack! You can protect yourself from the ill wishes of others, rebounding on them ten-fold! You can disarm - solely through new Magick Power - anyone with ill intent towards you.  You can be safe...protected...guided, all through the power of The Book Of Shadows.

Everything you desire already exists 'in the shadows'. Ownership of this strange and wonderful book brings the forth into manifestation!

The timid and the sceptical have always laughed at the alleged power of 'magick'.  Let them laugh as much as they like; for as long as you secretly possess The Book Of Shadows they can never know the truth.

The Book Of The Shadows explains the truth about reincarnation and the spirit world. It reveals how to 'travel on the astral planes' - easily and safely.  Not everyone wants to do this, of course, but this thrilling manual of magick has something for everyone who seeks to improve their situation. 

Merely to recite one single chant from one page can fill you with power, bringing immediate joy at the prospect of results!


Whatever your situation or circumstances you will find magick here that will help you - and bring you the definite results you seek!

Here are just some of the contents of the thrilling Book Of Shadows:

- Ancient Art of Thought Control - This Book Is Self-Contained - Special Conjurations For Greater Concentration of New Magick Power (making sure you don't fail) - Chant to Attract True Love - Conjuration for Secret Knowledge - Chant For Winning Contests - The Ultimate Protection Rite - Right & Wrong Uses of Amulets - Hundreds of Dreams Interpreted - Invocation of Uriel - Discovering the Identity of A Thief - Magic Power of The Gods - Love Ritual of The 9 Spirits - Spell to Protect a Home From Evil - Causing Discord Between Husband & Wife - Ritual to Won The Love of One Who Rejects You - Charm Against Ill Health - Aramean Incantation to Make A Woman fertile - Chaldean Invocation Against Disease - Spell to Cure Impotence - Spell to Cause Impotency - Ritual to Destroy An Enemy.

...And much, much more!

Not everyone will want to use everything in The Book Of Shadows and some of its content is only there for desperate situations. But anyone who owns The Book Of Shadows will be glad to have it, for it acts like a 'magickal passport' to happiness and fulfilment.




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