Diabolic Pacts by Joseph Etuk

Diabolic Pacts by Joseph Etuk

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Joseph Etuk


A ‘diabolic pact’ is a contract between a black magician and an ‘evil’ entity. The magician gives the entity something of value in return for the demon supplying what he or she wants. This is ‘fraught with danger’, some will say.

Not according to avowed Satanist Joseph Etuk. Demons, he says, have got a bad press for being harmful. It is true that they represent the dark side of the spectrum, the opposite of angels. Demons are malevolent mischievous beings, but once under the control of the magician can be of immense value and help.
This book provides the names and seals which give the magician power over diabolic forces.

The notion that a pact with a demon will lead to the magician'’s ruin is a falsehood put about by the Church and white magicians, and even some black magicians themselves who seek to keep their valuable art secret. The reality, according to Mr Etuk, is that if the magician keeps his side of the bargain – a bargain no one forced him into, let alone the demon – the demon is compelled to work on the magician'’s behalf. The demon is bound by the pact! And the magician has its name and seal to bind him!

Where it all can go wrong for the magician is if and when he fails to keep his side of the bargain, for he may feel the wrath of the offended entity, which may be as it should be; for who has not felt wrathful toward someone who broke their word?

So a diabolic pact is serious business. It is binding … unless one of the parties breaks it. If the magician doesn'’t get the result wanted he can tell the demon to go to … hell.

The book consists of various pacts. Chapters include: Demonic Wish Spell; Silver Coin Money Spell; Satanic Egg Pact; Prayer To Leviathan; Demonic Power Rite; Gesture Demon Summoning; Lucifuge Rofocale Money Ritual.

The pacts revolve around three themes: money and riches in general, protection, and destruction. The latter is not the death of an enemy but the ‘destruction’ of their fortunes.

There is something truly magickal – not to say ‘diabolic’! – about summoning a dark entity to protect one. The book describes and explains the Unholy Guardian Angel Pact in which the demon is obligated to protect the magician all his life, protected not only from harm, but also from poverty and ill health.

One could call this the spiritual equivalent of hiring a thug to protect you from crime and any other danger.

The pacts and rites in this book are the working programme of Mr Etuk’s Satanic organization. Second degree magick; the wealth pacts are used by the organization’s leading members. He has been permitted by his Dark Lord to publish same, but its publication by Finbarr to a restricted audience means the information will only reach those for whom destiny calls.

According to Mr Etuk, not one of these rituals has failed anyone in his group.

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