Lost Magick Rites from the Archives of Finbarr By Marcus T Bottomley and Frank Gupta

Lost Magick Rites from the Archives of Finbarr By Marcus T Bottomley and Frank Gupta

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Marcus T. Bottomley & Frank Gupta

Winning Court Cases!  Getting Someone Out Of Your Life!  Bringing Back Someone!

MAGICK WHICH DOES NOT DEPEND ON VISUALIZATION OR POSITIVE THINKING.  Magick rites from long out-of-print books by Marcus Bottomley and Frank Gupta, copyright Finbarr, made available in one volume!

In response to demand from serious collectors of magical lore we are publishing this work of authentic magick rites.  Magick rites that allegedly influence the outcome of court hearings! Magick rites which, allegedly, sway witnesses and judges!

‘With magick, a case is won before the parties even appear in court’, claims author.

Magick rites which allegedly compel another to leave!  Magick rites which allegedly can break up another'’s love affair.

Magick rites which shield and protect the magician from harm.

This is the only book to contain these particularly rare and sought after rites!

There’'s a magick rite here which allegedly cures male impotency.  There'’s a magick rite for allegedly uncovering the identity of a thief.  A magick rite for allegedly punishing an enemy. Magick rites which allegedly make an estranged lover contact you, or return.

  • A magick rite for allegedly identifying the person one will marry.
  • Magick rites which allegedly place another under one’'s control.
  • Magick rites which allegedly control the forces of luck, influencing the outcome of gambling; increasing one’'s fortune in business.
  • Magick rites which allegedly sever a relationship.
  • Magick rites which allegedly enables one to find a job; also promotion.
  • Magick rites which allegedly influence employers.
  • A magick rite which reverses curses; restoring good fortune.
  • A magick rite which allegedly controls ghosts and malicious spirits.
  • These are the magick rites we have been asked time and again to publish, for the benefit of all collectors of magickal lore.
  • Magick rites which allegedly increase mental powers, improving concentration and memory.
  • Aphrodisiac magick!
  • Magick for acquiring riches!
  • Magick for peace and harmony in the home!
  • Voodoo money, luck and subjugation spells!

For the serious collector, this is a goldmine of rare and closely guarded folk magick; only Finbarr holds the copyright. Despite the potency attached to these rites some are remarkably easy to do.  Strange powers are attributed to these magick rites.

These rites have been passed by word of mouth, generation to generation under oaths of secrecy, through the long passages of time. Only Finbarr possesses their printed copyright.

These are the magick rites used by professional occultists who, for substantial fees, offer their services to those in need.

These magick rites allegedly give the reader/practitioner strange powers over circumstances and people. According to the authors this is ‘real’ magick: not dependent on visualization or positive thinking. ‘Science cannot explain it and never will’, they say.




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