The Revenge Ritual by Basil F. Crouch

The Revenge Ritual by Basil F. Crouch

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Publisher:  Finbarr Occultism

The Revenge Ritual

by Basil F Crouch

Although those who walk the Right Hand Path, ‘white magick’, ‘white witchcraft’, will never own up to it, in their heart of hearts many will wish they had recourse to this Revenge Ritual. The usual position of white magick is to ‘protect oneself’ from the negative energies of others. All well and good, but occasionally circumstances may demand attack as a surer way of defence.

In everyone’s life at some point there is betrayal and treachery. Someone lets you down or two-times you in the most despicable manner, or they simply make your life a misery.

White magick can give you defence, but nothing can protect you from the resentment you will feel towards the other person. It is positively toxic. You cannot help but bitterly resent the other person. To ‘turn the other cheek’ or to ‘forgive’ is all but impossible, especially if the other person continues to wrong you.
Health-wise the resentment has the long-term power to ruin you.

Resentment is a very dangerous emotion. The only antidote is … revenge!

Revenge is the only action that can set things right. Wrong must be punished – or you will unwittingly end up punishing yourself.  Think about it.

It is bad enough what another person has done to you. What is even worse is what your resentment is doing to you.

Revenge is certainly sweet. But how does one square this with ‘karma’?  By harming you the other person has already invoked the laws of karma against himself.
The Revenge Ritual awakens the destructive energies of the war god Mars for him to carry out the task according to his realm of action and influence. The nature of the retribution is down to him, not you. You are merely facilitating the process.

So long as you are clearly the wronged one you are safe. There is no comeback.

But isn’t it dangerous to invoke destructive energies? It is dangerous – but only for him or her who has wronged you. For you there is no risk, for if your cause is right you are untouchable.

Think of the sheer pleasure of seeing them get what they deserve!  It feels so good! It both empowers and heals!

Resentment disappears! Whatever incipient disease it may have triggered goes with it.

Imagine all the bad things that you wish could happen to them ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

He or she will have no idea that you are the catalyst for their misfortunes. They won’t know what hit them!

You may never use the Revenge Ritual, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you have it in reserve. You can regard it as a kind of psychic life insurance policy: it can quite literally save you if at any time you need to use it.

The ritual is not irreversible: should you feel your enemy has suffered enough there is a simple procedure for lifting the curse.

If you are genuinely wronged there can be no guilt, no karma: only the justice that is rightfully yours.




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