Working With Lilith By Alexandra Newman

Working With Lilith By Alexandra Newman

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Publisher:  Finbarr Occultism



Alexander Newman


Lilith was the original wife of Adam, banished from his sight for disobedience. Thus magicians see her as a dark archetype of female power and independence.
Anything that is shunned and consigned to a dark place gains huge magickal power and Lillith is particularly a potent patroness of the shy, timid woman who seeks empowerment.

But this book by Alexander Newman is for both men and women. Other Dark Powers presented in this book include: MAMMON – for riches … BELPHEGOR – for luck in gambling … AKVAN – to have power and control over others … BELIAS – to overcome bullies and defeat enemies … PRUFLAS –to make a happily married person have an affair with you; and more! To turn to these Powers one needs to have a ruthless streak in oneself in order to get results.

The rituals are very simple and there are no risks involved. The reader doesn'’t have to ‘sell his/her soul to the Devil’, the reader always remains in control.




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