A Money-Makerís Secret Source of Success By Joel Samuels

A Money-Makerís Secret Source of Success By Joel Samuels

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Attracting a Person – Making Someone Go Away


I make a living from buying and selling stocks and shares; however this is not what my booklet is primarily about. No, it goes much further than that. I mention my occupation for I know that many consider dealing in stocks and shares as ‘glorified gambling’, and because I am writing under a pen name – Joel Samuels – I can afford to agree with them.

Indeed if I wrote under my real name I would be ostracized by the City and laughed at from here to kingdom come. A pen name gives me the freedom to say what I think – and to help a great many people. I would be ridiculed by my associates for attributing my success to a ‘mystic source’. They kid themselves that finance and banking are based on ‘logical monetary principles’. It’s gambling. Only a little more sophisticated than the person who plays bingo or bets on the horses. Most of the financial elite are snobs and sneer at the ‘little person’s’ gambling flutters. No matter how much the financial expert scrutinises a company and its balance sheet, whether he can profit from speculating on its shares is still down to blind luck.

I am exceptionally successful. But not in the sense of being the richest – I’m far from that – because I choose to work only two or three days a week and then only a few hours at a time. For this great effort I average £600K a year – about a million in American. If I put my mind to it and put in all the hours available I could make much, much more. But for me, money is not everything.

The professional gambler – who bets on everything from dogs to the lottery – will tell you that no matter how much form is studied everything is still down to the luck of the day. (Another potentially lucrative area is buying and selling foreign currency; even one who knows nothing about it and has almost zero funds can get in on it.

My booklet explains how it’s done – without getting your fingers burnt.)

My booklet explains several key mystic factors. I show an exceptionally easy way of recognizing ‘lucky numbers’. I show you how to get the Bible, Koran, or any ‘sacred’ book, to give you guidance in major decisions. I explain how a certain number, when repeated, releases a vortex of energy to get events to turn in your favour. With this formula you can make another person like putty in your hands. You can pull someone into your life – or get them to go. It seems everyone does lotteries. I don’t. I don’t need to. But a lady I explained my formula to won two charity lotteries in the space of six months. I explain how to make a ‘lottery nest’, considerably raising your chances of winning. Another man I explained the formula to found himself banned from all casinos in his region! But he didn’t care – he was already set up for life!

CAN THE ROLL OF DICE BE INFLUENCED? The logical answer is ‘no’ – but it can be ‘yes’. I say can because this needs practice and not everyone will succeed. Far easier is influencing the roulette wheel. A Las Vegas gambler virtually cleaned out a casino when he used one basic number over and over again.

Some five years ago I was shocked to find an old school chum of mine living in abject poverty. Truly he had fallen on hard times. He saw how well I was doing so I explained to him my secret source of success. I urged him to follow suit, for he was not a dull fellow. His life began to improve and then I explained to him the power of numbers in currency speculation, which he also used for horses. Today he lives like a king and owns his own Mayfair penthouse!


This was after just one week, following months of fruitless searching!

I will show you how to use a ‘lucky penny’ that tells you ONLY TO BET WHEN YOU ARE CERTAIN TO WIN.

The secret is in the subconscious mind, not the penny, but the coin activates it. Use the lucky penny for any gambling situation. Bingo. Pools. Dogs. Horses. Cards. Whatever! This is the secret source of my success. And I can tell you, that not only is it easy but fun too. Gambling need not be risk-ridden and a fool’s path to wasting money. Risk can be cut to the bone.


You can be a winner! You can excel! You can have power over others!

You can have ‘the magic touch’! Your dreams can come true!

(Publishers’ note: in addition to Mr Samuels’ information, we have included the complete ‘S. Rob Date Divination System’ for predicting favourable dates.)

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