A Sorceror's Book of Love by Kate Richrardson & William Van

A Sorceror's Book of Love by Kate Richrardson & William Van

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Kate Richardson & William Van


Playing cards to bind your lover!

Stones and amulets for lovers!

A love spell that goes on working!

Love spells to hang on the wall!

Stop lovers from being unfaithful!

Aphrodisiacs that actually work!

Seduce someone without really trying!

The experience of the authors in all forms of magic, herb-lore and matters of the mind adds up to half a century. In this book they explain how magic can be used to find love and keep it alive! They also talk freely about some of the safe aphrodisiacs. Contrary to the general attitude of hushing up such matters, they
explain clearly how to use them and also where to find them.

Here is a selection from their mail:

"Your magickal drawing really stopped my husband from seeing another woman.

I'm not sure how it worked but it did. I can't thank you enough!" Janet B;

"Since I placed your spell on the wall of my lounge I have been asked out on many occasions by a variety of women. This spell really does do something!" Kurt G;

"I would never have believed that carrying a simple piece of stone in my purse would help me find the man I like. l'm getting married soon!" Mauricette F;

"I could not believe that a few dried flowers added to a glass of wine would act as a seductive remedy. I have to believe it now because I married the man I tried it
on! " Jeanne R; Avignon.

A gentleman from Amsterdam wrote to us saying he suffered from a sexual problem. He is much older than his girlfriend and found it difficult to keep her satisfied.

After he started taking the herb we suggested, he felt as if he was thirty years younger! Both are now very satisfied!

A SORCERER'S BOOK OF LOVE contains articles on the following subjects:

  • Finding a lover
  • Influencing other people's subconscious
  • What to do if your relationship declines
  • Seduction
  • To bind a person to you
  • To find sexual opportunities
  • How to be noticed at parties
  • To find yourself a passionate lover
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • A love punch
  • To keep a love affair secret
  • Make a specific person love you
  • Talismans
  • To make someone get closer
  • To improve the closeness in your relationship
  • To gently end a relationship
  • To stop a partner being unfaithful
  • Seduction perfume for women
  • Seduction perfume for men
  • Crystal magic
  • The power of crystals and minerals
  • A ritualistic miscellany to change your love
  • How to radiate confidence




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