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The Mystic Forces of the Greek Gods as Revealed to Carl Nagel


Author Comes Face to Face With Greek God

It happened out of the blue one autumn evening. A beautiful Greek youth in white toga and sandals manifested out of thin air and handed author Carl Nagel a golden arrow! The experience transformed Mr Nagel’s life and led to a series of mystic revelations in his quest to bring enlightenment to humankind. 

From the lost world of ancient Greece the author received the fabulous Chants, Invocations and Spells that helped make that civilisation so great!

The Greek pantheon of gods was one of the religious and cultural cornerstones of that civilisation! The Greek gods and goddesses were invoked and supplicated constantly for riches, luck, health and love! The Greek general Xenophon was impoverished after a hard campaign (circa 396 BC). He was penniless and forced to sell even his horse. He appealed to Zeus, Father of the Gods, and the very next day he not only got back his horse – at no cost – but was given a large sum of money by two friends! (Xenophon’s account of this is in his book Anabasis.)

Carl Nagel can’t guarantee next day success, for the usual period it takes for the Greek gods to respond, from his notes and observations, is seven days, though sometimes less (seven is the sacred number of Apollo). Mr Nagel has received amazing testimonials! A young woman did the Apollo Instant Riches Spell, and within a week received substantial amounts of money from two completely unexpected sources!

A young man tried the Exciting Demeter Gambling Luck Spell and the next day made a killing at the race track! A lady in her mid-50s had long given up on receiving the affections of the man she wanted. Mr Nagel urged her to try the Beloved Aphrodite Love Conjuration. That was on a Friday: the following Tuesday the attitude of her male friend had completely changed! The Greek gods and goddesses were renowned for the bountiful riches and blessings they bestowed. They helped make Greece great for a thousand years. Almost every Greek swore by the power and efficacy of the gods.


The gods and goddesses can change your luck forever! A man reported to the author his utter desperation of ever winning the hand of the woman he had been in love with for years. He gave him the Sensual Ares Seduction Spell and overnight she became like putty in his hands. In 479 BC the Athenians faced the worst crisis in their history. The Persians with a mighty army outnumbering theirs by 100 to 1 was on their doorstep. All hope was lost: but the Oracle of Apollo gave a solution.

The Persians were not only stopped but the Greeks were able to inflict a miraculous crushing defeat! Think of what wonders the Greek gods and goddesses could do for you!

In trance the author received the appropriate Spells, Chants, Invocations, Rituals and Incantations for 12 of the Greeks’ greatest Gods!

Here in this book are the prosperity rites of Demeter, goddess of super abundance! The goddess Hestia Business Success Enchantment is here for every person who wishes to succeed in business or turn a failing business around! Artemis is the goddess who protects! Protect your loved ones, your home; be safe from harm and injury! A lady married for two years was fearful of losing her husband to another woman. She used the Divine Hera Harmony in Marriage Invocation and it stopped his interest in the other woman within a week! Invoke Hera for peace and harmony in the home! For controlling unruly children! Athena – who gave her name to the city of Athens – is the goddess to turn to for health problems. Whatever your ailment try the brilliant Athena Gold Health Spell. If you feel your life is in a rut then turn to the Glorious Hephaestus New Life Ritual. This will get things moving and open new doors of opportunity! Zeus is the king of the Greek gods: try the Titanic Zeus Power Ritual for control of your life and of events! Invoke Zeus to stop others using you! You will be astonished at the change in other people’s attitude towards you! For once you can receive respect! Everything you need is in this book. It contains the actual words you need to speak, and the very simple procedures which are required. Candles and incenses are not necessary! You will be surprised at how easy these Spells and Invocations are! And they are completely safe! There is no black magick! For Apollo is the god of light, his is the eternal brilliance of the sun! Turn to him for your safety and well being in all matters. Here are just some of the contents of this handsome book: How to Live the Perfect Life … Greek Magick Can Work Miracles … How To Open Your Unseen Magick Power Eyes … The Art Of Complete Relaxation … Ancient Greek Magick Causes No Harm and Yet is So Powerful … How to Use the Mystic Forces of Greek Symbology for Never- Ending Love, Power, Health and Good Fortune … How to Invoke the Secret Psychic Power of the Oracle … Amazing Incantations and Invocations for Materializing Any Desire … Your Personal Temple of Power … Invocation of Pan … Seeing the Gods … Invocation of Hermes (he’s the one for passing tests and exams, and for any tricky problems) … The Tarot and the Greek Gods. Ancient history abounds with tales of the power of the gods. Ignoring them carried a heavy price. The oracle of Apollo warned King Philip of Macedonia (336 BC) of danger: Philip chose to interpret the warning his way and it cost him his life. His son Alexander the Great was more careful: not a day went by that he did not supplicate or invoke the gods, and he observed their signs and omens before every battle. He became the most successful general of all time! Every successful Greek businessman invoked the gods before an important transaction. Women invoked the goddesses Hestia, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter for love, marriage, fertility – and to keep their men true!

Whatever your difficulty the Greek gods and goddesses are there for you.

These ancient deities did not die with classical civilisation. They simply stepped into the background. Their power is eternal as anyone who has turned to them will confirm.


It is easy to follow. It will inspire you and lift your spirits, no matter how gloomy your present circumstance.

You will not be disappointed.




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