Archangels - Bringers of Prosperity, Good Fortune & Protection By Mitesh Chauhan

Archangels - Bringers of Prosperity, Good Fortune & Protection By Mitesh Chauhan

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‘I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know now, my life could have been very different’, says author.

Revealed at last – the sacred rites and seals of the mighty Holy Archangels!

Yes, it’s true – through these rites and seals mighty archangels such as Michael, Raphael and Gabriel can trigger a never-ending stream of good happenings into your life! They open doors, remove obstacles, and clear the way to allow blessings and good fortune to gush into your life! They guarantee protection from evil of every description!

This book is the result of 30 years’ research and direct experience of the angelic realm by author Mitesh Chauhan.

Under the direct inspiration and dictation of his own personal guardian angel, he has painstakingly unravelled the complexities of ancient angel invocation to produce an immediately accessible and workable formula for the modern reader! And this has been achieved without any loss of power of the original ritual. These rites are simplicity itself. Typically they consist of a single prayer or invocation spoken once or several times, usually at night before retiring. No candles or other equipment is required. The reader is not asked to visualize or meditate.

Most of the rites are accompanied by the archangels’ sacred seals which are to be copied or cut out from the book and carried on one’s person or otherwise placed in the home. These seals are imbued with the archangels’ power and guarantee their presence. In fact one will often feel their presence at the time of the rite., This is marked by a pleasing feeling of love and comfort. Another sign is a sweet fragrance or a deliciously soft breeze, even when doors and windows are shut. In fact the very first seal in the book – the Seal of Angelic Divine Protection – stands alone, it having no accompanying rite. It is enough merely to be in possession of it to secure its blessings. It guarantees the reader’s safety at all times. It is like having an invisible 24-hour bodyguard.

There are several other protective seals including one that safeguards home and possessions. Anyone trying to violate or burgle your home will be thwarted and subject to the archangels’ wrath!

The rites and seals have served Mr Chauhan well over the years and he bemoans not being privy to such esoteric knowledge before he began his research. ‘I would have been spared much pain and unhappiness. My life could have been much different.’ Of the Chamuel Rite of Wealth and Fortune he says, ‘I have lost count of how much money this has brought me through the years. It has the uncanny power of bringing cash from all directions out of the blue!’

And of the Jadharia Rite to Win in All Games of Chance he writes: ‘This will increase your gambling luck in whatever you play. My specialty is horse racing in which I usually win. This may not make you a millionaire but it will unfailingly bring you cash when you most need it.’ Angels’ intervention in health matters is legendary. According to Mr Chauhan the Kalacakra Rite to Dissolve All Sickness and Disease is the most powerful ever. It brings the mighty archangel Raphael to the rescue.

Others include: the Hosanna Rite to Attract Love and Passion; the Harabel Rite to Uncover the Secret Thoughts and Actions of Others; the El-Shaddai Rite of Invisibility; The Machadiel Rite for Confidence and Inner Peace; the Zadkiel Rite for Legal Success and Victory in Disputes; the Gabriel Rite for Employment and Trade; the Kshathriya Rite to Gain Power Over Others; the General Rite for Good Luck and Blessings of Every Kind; the Adonai Rite to Secure Friendship and Devotion; and many others!

The author believes that his book is infused with divine power and that simply by owning a copy of it the reader will be guided and protected by invisible helpers.

Some readers, sensitive to this power, may wish to procure further copies.

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