Belenus By S. Rob

Belenus By S. Rob

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Druid God of Light & Healing

Belenus – variously pronounced ‘BEY-LEE-NUS’ and ‘BE-LINE-US’ – was perhaps the most important god of Celtic Britain, and his priesthood were the Druids.

His name survives today in ‘Beltane’ one of the great festivals of the celtic year, still celebrated by many pagans. When Christianity came to Britain the halo – the orb of solar light about Belenus’ head – was transferred to Jesus.

Belenus was – and always will be – the Divine Light of Healing and Abundance. For all life and abundance owes its source to the Sun.

This booklet by S. Rob reveals how the might of Belenus can illuminate your life and usher in boundless health, prosperity, and all good things. Belenus covers all that is good, in particular protection and healing. Protection of health, body and soul.

He also heals everything else, for all else needs healing too – an ailing relationship, a failing business, lack of confidence, and so on, all of which can be healed and restored through Belenus.

This is simple, yet highly effective, white magic.

The author prefers to call him a ‘magical being’ rather than a ‘god’, but however he is perceived by the reader his function remains the same: to heal and prosper. Magic spells of every kind are in this booklet. No equipment needed, no candles or incense. Not even visualization. Yet it works.

There are specific magic spells for: *increasing creativity; *strengthening will power; *overcoming weakness; *making yourself funny (being able to make others laugh is a priceless gift).

However, health and money are Belenus’ principal concerns, for the two are often complementary! Allow the spiritual light of ancient Britain to enter your life, no matter what your race or nationality.

Allow this lost magic to brighten your prospects and quicken your step.

It is so simple and you will be delighted with the results.




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