BlackBook: 80 x Playing Card Set

BlackBook: 80 x Playing Card Set
BlackBook: 80 x Playing Card SetBlackBook: 80 x Playing Card SetBlackBook: 80 x Playing Card Set

Daemonic Dreams

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Publisher:  Daemonic Dreams



The Master Grimoire

of Demonic Rites & Ceremonies


Carl Nagel


Carl Nagel is back, with his most powerful collection of effective Occultism released to-date!

BlackBook is a complete system of Magickal Instruction - ideal for both the seasoned Occult Practitioner and complete beginner to the Magickal Arts.

With decades of Magickal Instruction to his name, Carl Nagel needs little introduction, and remains one of the worlds most sought-after teachers of the Dark Arts.

BlackBook contains a wealth of hitherto obscure and powerful Magickal Rites - Rites which will have a profound impact upon YOUR life, beginning the very moment you open this astounding book!

Whether you want Wealth, Power, Love, Sex, Advice, Fame, this simple book contains the key!

What's more, working with the forces made available by this book will provide you with Occult insights that simply CANNOT be obtained anywhere else. No idle claim, says Nagel - but real, EFFECTIVE Occultism that WORKS!

This remarkable book comes complete with a special Deck of 80 Cards, and full instructions, which will enable you to make your very own GOETIC TAROT DECK - a unique Magickal Tool and a powerful Demonic Oracle, rolled into one.

Whether you believe or not, BlackBook is an ESSENTIAL Occult text that provides simple, safe and effective access to the 72 Demonic powers of King Solomon - powers which you can use to change your life beyond ALL recognition.

Use it...and reap the benefits.




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