New Store Now LIVE!

20 January 2019  |  Admin

We're very pleased to say that migration from our previous Webstore has been completed, and that this BRAND NEW Store is now fully open for Business.

Putting the new Store together has been a labour of love for us at Daemonic Dreams; we've been very aware, for the past few months, that our previous eCommerce provider's capabilities have deteriorated, and that the Store was NOT a great browsing experience.  We've carefully trialled a number of potential alternatives, and feel that the final expense and development time has been very well-worth spent - we hope you'll feel the same!

As always with new platforms, there may be an occasional gremlin (dratted things get everywhere!); if you spot any, or experience any issues or have any questions, please DO leave a note below.

May your Path in Magick be smooth and enlightening.