Customer Feedback

30 April 2021  |  Luke


The piece I ordered arrived safely and you´re asking for feedbacks so I´m sharing my thoughts and feelings about this purchase.

First it felt I recieved a very nice energy full of wisdom as I placed the order, though you didn´t even start making the Talisman.
I wanted the one made out of brass because it was written "in gleaming brass - the most Magickally-versatile of all metals". but to be honest with myself I first wanted the silver one. Because of your description I thought brass would be better and it was also cheaper so I first asked for brass. I am glad you didn´t do it anymore because it feels like it is important and right for me that the metal is silver. If you have any information you want to share with me that explains de difference between the different metals, I´d love to hear about it.

The chain is strong, fine and beautiful and I am really happy about it. A friend told me once : "The chain is to the Amulette what the scabbard is to the sword."

I thank you for the box, it arrived safely. As I opened it, I somehow had to remove the logo of your shop that was sticked inside. The talisman chose a black velvet bag to "rest" thou but I shall have a good use of the box.

For now i´m wearing the talisman dayly since it arrived and it feels very good.
Thank you for your fine, rare and precisous work"

We would love to recieve your feedback and are always humbled to recieve such positive reviews.