D. A. Houndstooth Returns...

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Since the release of his first book, 'The Dark Embrace', earlier this year, we've had multiple requests from Readers, asking whether D. A. Houndstooth will be writing another volume.

Well, the good news is that Volume 2 of The Houndstooth Archives, "Dark Occult Powers of Pain & Gain" has just gone to print, and should be ready for release later this month!

For those of you who can't wait to get a sneak preview, here's a little something to whet your appetite's..!


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Rob and the Team
Daemonic Dreams

Joel Valenciana
13 March 2019  |  1:54

I can’t believe I just discovered you guys
I’ve been missing out on quality material.

13 March 2019  |  20:44

We’ve plenty more to come, Joel...

Welcome aboard!

Joel Valenciana
14 March 2019  |  15:34

Very exciting

Can’t wait to get some new material