20 January 2022  |  Admin

Here at Dæmonic Dreams, we receive lots of fantastic feedback about our customers' experiences, both with the products they purchase, and the service they receive from us.

One thing that we've been hearing several times, of late, is that - while you love the Express Courier Shipping we offer - you'd like the option to choose a cheaper shipping method, and wait a little longer for your orders to arrive.

With that in mind, we have today reinstated a Royal Mail delivery option, to save you money on your smaller orders, which don't qualify for free shipping.

Please do bear in mind that Royal Mail have to work with your country's own postal services, and both will be experiencing their own COVID-related delays, currently.

Another factor to bear in mind, if you choose the cheaper shipping option, is that processing of your goods through your country's Border Force may be further delayed by issues with staffing-levels (this is not an issue with Express Courier shipping, as all invoices are sent ahead, electronically, and cleared for import automatically).

We hope having more shipping options available to you will make your experience with us even more enjoyable.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, we're always very happy to hear from you!