Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LeCroix / Basil F. Crouch

Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LeCroix / Basil F. Crouch
Book of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LeCroix / Basil F. CrouchBook of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LeCroix / Basil F. CrouchBook of Forbidden Knowledge by Basil LeCroix / Basil F. Crouch

Daemonic Dreams

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Publisher:  Daemonic Dreams


by Basil Le Croix

James Finbarr writes:

"Of the many strange books I have published this must be one of the strangest. For a start, publication has been held back 20 years, even though I paid the author all that time ago...

This work is so dark, potent and lethal, containing arcane rites which have never been in print and surely will never be again. In fact the author writes that he gives the information ‘under pain of death’. Realizing that I still hadn't published it he urged me to delay until he had passed on, which is what has happened.
My original procrastination was due to my feelings about the content: I simply felt it was too taboo even for the occult market. I toyed with the idea of merely printing 20 copies selling at £100 a copy to the most serious practitioners of the dark arts.

But here it is now, for all to see, or at least for everyone to be aware of. I will not even hint at suggesting that the average occultist should try it. No, this is not a book for everyone, but for the very few.

I can see why he was ‘under pain of death’ to reveal these secrets, and whoever may seek to use them will certainly not want to share with others!

At least there are no human and animal sacrifices here; but otherwise this volume travels through some very dark territory indeed.

This book is strictly for the daring and darkly adventurous. It is a book of pacts and ceremonies, promising GREAT WEALTH … POWER … PRESTIGE … destruction of enemies. The only modification I have made to it is the deletion of the author’s case histories, for in spite of the changed names and locations the individuals concerned could still be identified, for they all became famous.

The author ran his own coven for many years, his followers benefiting greatly from his knowledge. In his brand of dark magick he says, ‘No belief is required’, not even faith. Follow the instructions: ‘The ceremonies work first time and every time. They always have, they always will.’ This book, he says, ‘can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams’.

‘Whoever starts on this pathway stays forever, beyond death and eternity’, he says.

Keep your promises to the gods invoked – which seem small compared to the rewards – and you will be protected. But this is not kid's’ play.

Contents include: Thought-forms – Super-mind – Lucifer – Passing Exams – Causing Chaos – The Snake God–Beelzebub – Infernal Necromancy – The Lurk – The Ultimate Black Mass.

I am perhaps the only publisher who would publish this.

I will not ask you to buy it: those who are destined will buy.




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