Channeling The Council of Light

Channeling The Council of Light
 Channeling The Council of LightChanneling The Council of Light 

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Unlock Your Divine Blueprint For Awakening


Are you ready to experience a profound reset? Are you ready to connect with, experience, and embody the fullness, expanded awareness, and power of your highest Divine Light Being? The doors are open for a profound acceleration of your awakening if you're willing and open.

To support you, The Council of Light steps forward now with this profound frequency transmission. The Council of Light is here for you now, and has something beautiful for you to experience in this book. What you are about to receive is a transmission of frequency woven into words. The light frequency and blessings woven throughout this book offer you a higher dimensional experience of Divine Light.

Divine Light that transcends language, ordinary mental consciousness, and that even transcends space and time. The Council of Light is a group of ascended light beings who serve and oversee the awakening process for all of humanity. Reconnect with Divine Love and Light to free yourself from the grip of illusion and return to the awareness and experience of the underlying Unity and Oneness inherent throughout All.

"When you choose love over fear and keep returning to love in every moment, the way through will continue to be made known to you." - The Council of Light

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