Charged Candle Chants by Janet Peters

Charged Candle Chants by Janet Peters

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For Every Need

By Janet Peters

Riches! Love! Power!

Chant your way to winning contests, etc.!

Chant your way to another person's undying devotion!

Chant your way to success in every endeavour!

This booklet fuses two great powers:  the power of the mystic chant and the power of the lit candle. Together they prove an irresistible force which cannot be stopped!

You can be free from limitation and failure with this charged double power!   Whatever your financial or emotional need you can have it met!  You can find peace and harmony! The precise chant is here in this booklet!  You can find true, everlasting love! The exact chant is here!  You can meet your financial needs! No matter what, you can receive the money you need to pay bills, settle debts; to save, to buy!

You can influence others to do as you please – without them realising it! It is uncanny how people will suddenly do as you please, and gladly! The exact chant is here!

You can realise your true mystic potential through these Charged Candle Chants! You can know future events before they happen – and avert the bad!

  • You can have the peace of mind that money can never buy!
  • You will be astonished by the effects of this double-power!
  • For by fusing these two ancient powers you literally charge and multiply your psychic energy!
  • The powers of the unseen world are impelled to respond to this powerful charge!

You will feel stronger as a result. You will possess a confidence which before you could hardly imagine.

  • You can chant for divine protection from physical harm.
  • You can chant to contact the spirits of the departed and receive assurances and help from them!
  • You can chant to be safe whilst travelling.
  • You can chant to arouse the sexual fervour of another.
  • You can chant for personal happiness: for freedom from stress and anxiety! Allow the mystic powers to infuse your life and provide you with the most wonderful perfect peace!
  • You can chant to receive PURE JOY.
  • You can chant for a genuine astral projection experience: to leave your body at will and travel through time and space safely and unhindered.
  • You can chant to turn bad luck to good. If you feel you are cursed or that life seems to be against you, this highly charged candle chant can make all the difference!
  • You can chant to experience the living presence of your own personal guardian angel! A profound spiritual experience! Never again will you feel ‘alone’.
  • You can chant to gain victory in adversity. If circumstances seem against you, you can receive divine help.
  • You can chant to receive the wonderful experience of lucid dreaming; also the power to interpret dreams instead of being confused by them.
  • You can chant to influence those in authority. If your fate depends on them this highly charged candle chant can make them view you favourably.
  • You can chant to turn an enemy into a friend.

Charged candle chants can HEAL A BARREN WOMB; can ensure a successful conception.  They can also eradicate frigidity; end impotence!

Charged candle chants can give you extraordinary telepathic powers enabling you to broadcast your thoughts to others!  There is even a highly charged chant for giving you the power to live longer!  You can bring peace to the home. A sudden end to quarrels!

There is chant, too, for protection of the home: safety from burglary and fire.

You can find lost objects. You can even CONTROL THE WEATHER!

This double-power does not stop with your own person and your own home: its possibilities are limitless!

CHARGED CANDLE CHANTS – what wonders could they perform for you?

The result of authoress Janet Peters’ nine-year research, this booklet will inspire and motivate you.




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