Dark Occult Powers of Pain and Gain by D. A. Houndstooth

Dark Occult Powers of Pain and Gain by D. A. Houndstooth

Daemonic Dreams

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The enigmatic Black Magician, D. A. Houndstooth is back, with his second tome of Dark Magickal Lore, Ritual, Hexes and Higher Blood Magick!

Following hot on the heels of his first, sell-out volume of materials from the Houndsooth Archives - a Black Repository of decades-worth of long-hidden family Rites - we knew we had to somehow get Houndsooth to release even darker secrets... and he didn'’t disappoint!

DARK OCCULT POWERS OF PAIN & GAIN is written in the same, charmingly-engaging format as Houndstooth’s first volume, THE DARK EMBRACE, left off -
although the Spells and Rites contained within these pages also work superbly on their own merit.

Within Houndstooth’s powerful Dark Works, you will find a huge variety of Darker Magickal Rites, Hexes, Spells and Lore, which touch upon practically every need you are likely to encounter, as you progress through life.

Much of this material has NEVER SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY, BEFORE NOW, and some of the content may be considered amongst the most powerful of Black Magickal Workings to EVER be made available to the public-at-large!

Amongst the materials presented here, in step-by-step, easy-to-follow format, you will find:

  • A fully-comprehensive guide to precautions, protections and Ritual preparation.
  • A Black Rite to dramatically change your appearance, shape or weight.
  • A Magickal way to control the thoughts and actions of others.
  • A Powerful Black Ritual to expose the Truth and Highlight Falsehoods.
  • A powerful Sacrificial Rite to drastically improve Gambling Wins.
  • A Magickal way to locate lost items and treasures.

.... And this is just a tiny sample of the Magical Treasure-trove that DARK OCCULT POWERS OF PAIN & GAIN holds in store, dear reader.

You have only to open the cover....

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