Demons of Magick By Gordon Winterfield

Demons of Magick By Gordon Winterfield

Daemonic Dreams

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The magick of demons can lead to a life of success, power and extraordinary peace.

Demons will demolish enemies, enrich bold ventures, satisfy material desires, and provide you with wisdom, charisma, healing and persuasive dignity. The beauty of demonic magick is that spiritual growth arises from material pleasure. If these are works of darkness, they bring great light. Demons of Magick provides you with three rituals for working with the seventy-two demons of Goetia.

The first method is a way to petition for a simple result. The second method is Connective Evocation, where you sense the presence of the demon, to obtain knowledge. The third method provides you with the instructions for a Full Evocation, with the demon brought to visible appearance.

Each of the seventy-two demons is proficient in several areas, and all of their powers can be used alone or in combination. You have thousands of sophisticated powers at your disposal. Gordon Winterfield says, 'My intent in creating this book has been to offer something genuinely original, and unobtainable elsewhere, based on the wisdom of experienced, practicing occultists. I have no interest in peddling the same weary methods that can be found elsewhere. It is therefore unavoidable that the contents of this book will challenge much of what has been said on the subject. The magick in this book is a modernized, workable method, and will violently contradict many beloved theories and beliefs. This book may offend you, but if you are open-minded, I believe you will find a method that works for you quite readily.'

You will discover:

- The secret Evocation Keys for attracting the demon to you.

- The names of 288 angels used to constrain the demons.

- 144 demonic and angelic seals.

- 72 colored sigils for working the rituals.

- The Ritual Opening that calls on five archangels.

- Words of Power for achieving altered states of consciousness.

- The safest and simplest methods for evoking demons.






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