Enjoy a Genuine Out-of-Body Experience By F. Richards

Enjoy a Genuine Out-of-Body Experience By F. Richards
 Enjoy a Genuine Out-of-Body Experience By F. RichardsEnjoy a Genuine Out-of-Body Experience By F. Richards 

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Author Francis Richards writes –– The purpose of this advertisement is not to try and convince the doubter – for their mind is probably already made up –but to tell the believer how they may enjoy this remarkable and thrilling phenomenon. But first a word of explanation to the unversed. In parapsychology everyone supposedly has a spiritual ‘double’, invisible and yet intrinsically bound up with the physical body. Yet it can exist, so it is said, independently of it. Put another way, our consciousness can exist, in theory at least, independently of the body. This is an ‘out-of-body experience’, achieved through a process known as ‘astral projection’.

My book shows how this may be achieved … easily and enjoyably, Through astral projection, consciousness is separated from the body and one may go anywhere, invisibly and undetected, unencumbered by it. Yet this does not happen for many who try it. One reason is the fear of not being able to ‘get back into the body’. This fear is totally unfounded. If I thought there was the slightest danger I would not have bothered with this book. Another reason for failure is lack of purpose: in order to astrally project one must have a definite destination in mind. There are yet other reasons for failure, all of which can easily be dealt with.

I can see no reason why anyone who really wants to cannot enjoy this extraordinary experience. In this experience one is unbounded by time and place. One can meet the ‘dead’ as well as the living. One can go back in time. Or forward. Neither is one confined to this planet. But such adventures can come later. For the first time the very sensation of leaving the body and passing through the walls of one’s home will be exhilarating enough., It is possible for some readers to have an experience within minutes of reading my book. It really is that simple. My book demystifies the subject. My approach is practical; I am keen that the reader gets results. Those who say that astral projection is merely a kind of dream have obviously never experienced it.

For a start, it happens when one is wide awake and, unlike in a dream, one is in control. The phenomenon can also occur during sleep and when it does one is under no illusion that it is a dream. Unlike in a dream everything is bright and vivid, there is great light and bright colour. And, bizarrely, there can be physical touch. Even though one floats through walls one can also experience touch and smell as one pleases, for one is in complete control. And it feels so safe. It feels like one’s natural home and you want to remain there for ever – but of course you can’t because your physical body needs you!

Even the briefest experience can have the most exhilarating effect. After my first time out of the body 30 years ago which lasted only a few minutes I felt ‘high’ for weeks after, and all the petty concerns of daily life seemed so unimportant. It also has the bonus of banishing the fear of death. It can heal the soul like nothing else can. The first time I met my deceased wife when outof-body we danced and danced, her physical presence and touch feeling as physical as the ‘real’ world! Afterwards I wept with joy and felt boundless gratitude for the gift of being with her again. I was healed and lived on the experience for months after – and then it happened again!

I must make the point that once one is familiar with the experience one doesn’t seek it continuously because it has such a profound and positive effect which lasts for months at a time. Astral experiences are well documented. I am well aware of the reported misuses of ‘astral travel’ such as spying on the unwary and so on. For me personally it is a joyous gift which enables me not only to meet and converse with those I thought I would never see again and to have the power to astrally heal the sick in this life.

By the way, this is not to be confused with the ‘near death’ experiences reported by the terminally ill. You don’t need to be ill to enjoy this phenomenon. It is a thoroughly life-affirming experience. I have spoken of it as ‘theory’, but to the practised it is very real indeed. ‘But it’s all subjective’, the cynic will say. But that is the very nature of the paranormal.

In the end we all create our own reality.

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