Essential Astrology for Occultists by I. Alejandro Virgilio

Essential Astrology for Occultists by I. Alejandro Virgilio
 Essential Astrology for Occultists by I. Alejandro VirgilioEssential Astrology for Occultists by I. Alejandro Virgilio 

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The ESSENTIAL Guidebook for Astrological Practice in Occult Workings


I. Alejandro Virgilio

Expert Occult Tutor I. Alejandro Virgilio is back, with this MUST-HAVE title for the Serious Student of Occultism!

Like it or not, it's a simple fact that virtually ALL Magickal Workings, Ceremonies and Rituals have some basis in the Ancient Art of Electional Astrology.

For the very first time, a true master of his craft has agreed to disclose the all-important methods, techniques and short-cuts to SUPER-CHARGING every piece of your Magickal Work from this moment on!

Written in clear, concise language, ESSENTIAL ASTROLOGY FOR OCCULTISTS is a truly remarkable resource, which no self-respecting Student of the Occult Arts can afford to ignore...

If you have ever been in the position of having your Magickal Work succeed less effectively than envisaged, or it failing altogether, you can be certain that an Astrological Affliction is the culprit! ESSENTIAL ASTROLOGY teaches you how you can now easily avoid such mis-fires, at the same time boosting the power of your workings ten-fold.

It needs to be noted that, while this title is for the Intermediate Student, who already has a basic understanding of Astrological Principles, ALL Occultists will benefit from the invaluable advice provided within these covers.

From in-depth examinations of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Angles which are pertinent to the Working Magician, no stone is left unturned, as Virgilio deftly imparts the knowledge of a life-time of Magickal Working.

For the Student who dares to delve deper, in the quest for Ritual Success, this book is PURE GOLD!

If you're serious about the quality of your Magickal and ceremonial workings, you MUST make sure this title is in YOUR Library!

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