Goetia Pathworking By Corwin Hargrove

Goetia Pathworking By Corwin Hargrove
 Goetia Pathworking By Corwin HargroveGoetia Pathworking By Corwin Hargrove 

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Magickal Results from The 72 Demons


Magick is easier and safer than many people believe, and pathworking is a method that takes you to the essence of power. There are many ways of working with demons. The spirits of Goetia can bring knowledge, manipulate reality, produce changes within yourself, or attract conditions and events that you desire. This is widely known.

Demons are famed for their speed, dignity, and willingness to cooperate with you. What is less well known is that incredibly simple pathworking rituals enable you to make easy contact with these demons safely and reliably.

Advantages of The Pathworking Method:

• No difficult words of power to learn or speak.

• Nothing to burn, collect, or make.

• No sacrifice, reward, or offering is required.

• No sigils need to be drawn, and you only need to look at the sigils in this book.

• No angels or divine names are used, which makes the magick feel more reliable for some people.

• The method automatically creates the correct state of mind and summons elemental energy.

• Pathworking can be performed in complete privacy.

• The method is extremely safe and easy to learn.

You ask for something, and you get it, without any backlash or payment. You will never have to learn difficult visualisation methods or train in demanding mental techniques. Based on a system of Elemental Imagery, this is a unique way to perform magick. You ask for something, and you get it, without any repercussion or payment. People say you never get something for nothing.

Here, you get something because you’ve performed magick and filled it with your desire.

That is enough to get the results you seek, from love and lust, to cursing, influence, illusion, and wealth.

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