Goetia & Qabalah by I. Alejandro Virgilio

Goetia & Qabalah by I. Alejandro Virgilio
Goetia & Qabalah by I. Alejandro VirgilioGoetia & Qabalah by I. Alejandro VirgilioGoetia & Qabalah by I. Alejandro VirgilioGoetia & Qabalah by I. Alejandro Virgilio

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I. Alejandro Virigilio


Ceremonial magician I. Alejandro Virgilio returns, with his latest, ground-breaking work on Dual-System occult ritual.

In a remarkable, never-before-seen fusion, Virgilio lifts the veil on his methods of Conjuring the 72 Spirits of the notorious Grimoire, ‘The Goetia’, via the medium of Qabalistic Lodge Magick.

Most definitely not a book for the beginner, GOETIA & QABALAH is a veritable Power-House of inspired Ceremonial Ritual and Demonic Conjuration.

Taking the reader deftly from first principles, right through to full-on, Qabalah-charged Goetic Evocation of the 72 Spirits, Virgilio leaves no stone unturned in his teaching of this remarkable system of working.

Both work-book and guide, GOETIA & QABALAH introduces and fully-describes the characters, affiliations and correspondences of the 72 Goetic Spirits, including specific Sigils for each (including alternatives where available) in Virgilio’s usual, no-nonsense way.

Within these covers, you will also find a remarkable introduction to the Mystical Qabalah, including commentary on the Tree of Life and relevant Sephirotic attributes, as well as an essential examination of the Paths upon the Tree.

Finally, the reader is introduced to a cohesive series of Rituals using Hermetic Lodge Magick in the process of ceremonially marrying these two. MASSIVELY POWERFUL Magickal Systems into one, neat method of calling upon the Spirits of Solomon to do your specific bidding.

There is simply no other book like this, which has EVER been made available to the General Public.

INCLUDES: Planetary Paths of the Qabalah, Zodiacal Paths of the Qabalah, Full lessons on The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, The Middle Pillar Rite (and Preliminary Invocation), The Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram and full Conjuration and License to Depart Rituals.

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