Hand-Crafted Brass Enochian Tablet of Union

Hand-Crafted Brass Enochian Tablet of Union
Hand-Crafted Brass Enochian Tablet of UnionHand-Crafted Brass Enochian Tablet of UnionHand-Crafted Brass Enochian Tablet of UnionHand-Crafted Brass Enochian Tablet of Union

The TalisMan

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Approx. Size: 130mm x 105mm.


You are looking at a TRADITIONALLY-CRAFTED Tablet of Union, lovingly created to provide you with a direct link to the powerful, Magickal current of the Enochian Magickal Current.

This STUNNING piece is as close to an EXACT REPLICA of those Talismans used by Occult Practitioners of times gone by, right down to the authentic patina that has been applied.

This unique piece is constructed from SOLID, 2mm THICK BRASS, with the Magickal and Alchemical symbols deeply inscribed into the metal itself. It has been designed to last a lifetime - and beyond.

Your one-of-a-kind Tablet is TOTALLY UNIQUE; no two will ever be the same!

This item is completely HAND-CRAFTED, in the traditional manner, by a true practitioner of the Occult Arts - absolutely NO MODERN TOOLS have been used in its painstaking construction.

Your Tablet is supplied coated with a durable metal lacquer, for protection from tarnishing.

This item is NOT A TOY - Your Tablet is 100% authentically-made, in line with the Old Ways.

Your Tablet of Union has been crafted using techniques from the Old Artes, in the U.K.'s City of Culture, Kingston-Upon-Hull, in the heart of rural Yorkshire.

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