KING SOLOMON'S MAGICK By William Alexander Oribello’s

KING SOLOMON'S MAGICK By William Alexander Oribello’s

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Solomon the ancient Hebrew king was allegedly also a great mystic master. In any event, legends attached to his powers and those who use them have persisted down through the ages. Most texts on Solomonic wisdom and magick are lengthy and hard to follow. Not this monograph. You get the hard information you need in this short easy-to-follow work.

The late Mr Oribello was an esteemed practitioner of this secret magick.

The gist of it is that if you have the necessary formulae your life can be opened to a flood of God’s rich blessings. This goes beyond prayer. This is High White Magick – which anyone of serious intent can use.

He explains what the ‘Wisdom of Solomon’ really means and suggests that the historical king’s alleged deeds were a cover for a deeper mystical reality. The author stresses that his instructions should only be used for good intent.

Solomonic Magick protects the reader from the ‘Evil Eye’ and all malicious forces and persons. If one believes one has been ‘cursed’ or some malignant force is at work the Solomonic formula is given to repel and disarm them. It is easy to follow and guarantees protection, says Mr Oribello. King Solomon, or the Solomonic magicians behind the stories, were noted in tradition for their wealth.


King Solomon’s Magick works subtly. Follow the simple formulae; invoke the secret names of God, and mysterious beneficent forces are set in motion. Through these forces one can lead a charmed life and watch baneful influences slip away.

In this easy-to-follow monograph you will read about: banishing evil … Solomon’s Magick Mirror … Keys to the Magickal Temple of Light … the Great Mystic Seal of Solomon … The Great Secret of King Solomon’s Magick; and more, all of which can be used by the reader to wonderful effect.

Whilst there is much packed into this monograph the reader does not have to use it all. Any portion of it is enough to effect a change in one’s life. ‘What is revealed’, the author writes, ‘may be applied to channel higher forces that enable the reader to attract power, love and abundance. The information is both practical and safe.’

Although written for the beginner who desires ‘self-improvement love, financial success’, it is also of benefit to advanced practitioners of magick who seek clarity to arcane information.




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