Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus By Deborah Anderson

Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus By Deborah Anderson

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You are not your mind, no more than you are your hands or feet …’

‘You are not your thoughts …’

The Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus by Deborah Anderson through the avatars Babaji & Sai Baba Deborah Anderson is a most extraordinary woman. When she received the ‘Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus’ she was immediately cured of her depression and anorexia; transformed, she has since lived in, to quote her, ‘rapture and joy’. I know this to be true (writes J. Finbarr), for I am amazed at the luminosity of her spirit; the wonder of her presence. She has clearly been through some kind of transmogrification.

This is evident from the raw power of her teaching. I am always suspicious about claims made for ‘Jesus’ and what he supposedly thought. I have doubts about the ‘historical’ Jesus and even the mythical one. (The crucifixion has never made sense to me, for it is a historical fact that the Romans only crucified hardened criminals and terrorists, not anyone propagating a message of peace and brotherhood.) But none of that matters here. For what was revealed to the author through the avatars clarifies everything.


Knowing Miss Anderson too also had a profound effect on me. For I know what a harsh and oppressive existence she led, and yet somehow she has emerged triumphant, a shining example of this ‘lost teaching’. What sits so well with me here is its proximity to Gnosticism. Nowhere in this book is Gnosticism mentioned, but this surely is the ‘Gnostic Jesus’ revealed here.


Those who so long felt uncomfortable with the Christian approach will find their scepticism justified when they read what is here.

IT SPEAKS DIRECTLY TO THE SOUL OF THE READER, and the reader will surely be moved accordingly. The writer is clearly touched by the Divine and so the reader will be too. I know that she has been moved by an extraordinary experience and happenings, which if it were another living soul I would have considered them mad.

The book deals with the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the vengeful God of the Old Testament, and all the rest. These are all metaphors, of course, out of which the author wrings a rich message of hope and redemption. The hope of prosperity of spirit and body. Prosperity in all its meanings. Abundance in everything that is good. Peace of mind. Joy, rapture of spirit, triumph. All of this in the here-and-now and not some vague promise for the ‘next life’. We can only live here and now; the rest is speculation.

Everyone to their own beliefs, whatever satisfies them. Whatever it takes to get them through life in one piece. The usual Christian stuff I equate to water, but the contents of this book is like taking a stiff drink. It’s powerful stuff! No wonder it has been hidden in riddles and metaphors. In this book both ‘God’ and the Goddess appears. There is a narrative by the Goddess herself about the transformational power of negativity. Everything in this book is about turning the present disadvantages of your life to your advantage!

This is not ‘positive thinking’ in another guise. It goes beyond that. It’s a REVELATION. That is the power of this book. Merely reading it will stir and move you. It is written with a forcefulness that grabs at your needs, metamorphosing them into channels of fulfilment. The revelation is potent, direct, and unambiguous. Merely glancing at the contents moves and motivates me. It will surely affect you in the same way as it has others.


Even if you don’t know what it is you need to hear! It is like being fed some delicious food when you didn’t even realise you were hungry. And you may never be the same again. Its teaching reaches out from the bosom of the Cosmos, taking hold of your thoughts and feelings, transforming them, healing them!

The Gnostic Jesus cleanses, refreshes, renews. You can experience your own ‘resurrection’. This is not to be ‘reborn’ in the Bible bashers’ sense. This is to be transfigured and energized. It is to revel in all that life has to offer, not subject to judgment and strictures.


It is to feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. In this revelation there is no opposition between ‘God’ and the ‘Devil’ (The identity of and meaning of Lucifer are explained.)

The soul should not be burdened by the divisive, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, for the cosmic principle is neutral.




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