Lucifer and The Hidden Demons By Theodore Rose

Lucifer and The Hidden Demons By Theodore Rose
 Lucifer and The Hidden Demons By Theodore RoseLucifer and The Hidden Demons By Theodore Rose 

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A Practical Grimoire from

The Order of Unveiled Faces (The Power of Magick)


Where there was effort, there will be ease.

Where there was fear, there will be control.

Where there was lack, there will be wealth.

If you fear evil, know that there is no evil in this grimoire other than the evil that you bring. Be at ease with your desires, and you will not falter.

The practical magick in this book gives you powers that include influence and control, with magick for money, sex, passion, and seduction.

There are powers of persuasion, charm, and trust, alongside those for healing, guidance, wisdom, and peace.

The demons enable you to solve legal problems, finding justice and improving your willpower. You will discover protection, bindings, and ways to improve personal skills and creativity. For those who seek greater control, there is a sequence of corruption and cursing rituals and methods for causing disease and mental suffering. Other powers create illusion or concealment and even manipulate time and reality itself. Working with demons is safe when you accept that the demons do not need to be restrained or controlled.

A demon wants to fulfill its destiny by helping you obtain what you desire. When you get what you want, that is what the demon wants. This is the true harmony of magick. When you are clear about your desire, there is no risk in surrendering to the power of this magick. You are not selling your soul or making a pact with the devil, but connecting to a legion of consciousness that rewards desire, choice, and determination. Working as The Order of The Unveiled

Faces we have performed magick with the powers of Lucifer and The Hidden Demons since 1955. Our intention is to clarify the mysteries and dispel the myths. For those who seek magick, we swear an oath to provide you only with the methods that we know to be true. This is not another book about the demons of Goetia, but one that reveals the Legion of Lucifer.

There are more than 100 demons in this book, and most are unknown outside of the secret orders. We reveal the full details of our source materials so you can see how these demons were hidden, and how they were found. You will have the ability to work with hundreds of unique powers

. Open your mind, and you will be granted the power to shape, guide, and transform your reality.

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