Magic and the Law of Attraction By Lisa Chamberlain

Magic and the Law of Attraction By Lisa Chamberlain
 Magic and the Law of Attraction By Lisa ChamberlainMagic and the Law of Attraction By Lisa Chamberlain 

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A Witch’s Guide to the Magic of Intention,

Raising Your Frequency, and Building Your Reality


Everything You Need to Know to Change Your Life for the Better, from Best-Selling Author Lisa Chamberlain

“Thoughts become things.” “Like attracts like.” “You get what you think about.” You’ve probably encountered at least one of these ways of explaining how our habits of thought are actually creating our reality. 

The Law of Attraction has been a wildly popular topic for scores of “self-help” authors, motivational speakers, and New Age thinkers. But it’s often been a source of frustration for readers who can’t quite seem to make the Law of Attraction work for them. This is because, all too often, the guides they’re reading just barely scratch the surface.

Witches know that we can use the focused energy of our thoughts to bring about the healing of illness, more loving relationships, financial prosperity, and the accomplishment of long-held goals and dreams. But there is much more to it than simply thinking about what you want. The Law of Attraction is actually part of a larger framework for understanding how the Universe works. It’s one of a set of laws, and our knowledge of them has been handed down to us over several centuries.

This guide is an introduction to the Law of Attraction from a Witch’s point of view, but you don’t have to be a Witch in order to gain plenty of insights here. The information is intended for Witches and non-Witches alike. In fact, you don’t have to be “religious” or “spiritual” at all to work with the Law of Attraction. But you do have to have an open mind, and accept that what you’ve been taught about the nature of reality is incomplete. This is the crucial starting point.

Foundations in Manifestation: The Law of Attraction in Practical Magic

If you’ve been curious, yet skeptical, about magic, this book provides the framework you need for understanding how it works. On the flip side, if you’re a practicing Witch with experience in magic, but haven’t quite grasped the full picture of the Law of Attraction, this book will clarify it for you. But whether or not you ever intend to try any magic, the concepts and suggested practices presented here can get you a long way toward making your goals a reality. You’ll discover:
  • The ancient roots of our current knowledge about the Law of Attraction
  • How new discoveries in quantum physics support our understanding of this Universal law
  • Common misconceptions and FAQs about the Law of Attraction
  • How your own thought patterns hold you back and how to change them
  • A step-by-step breakdown of how the Law of Attraction figures into magical work
  • A few spells aimed directly at making the Law of Attraction work for you

The principles inherent to magic and Witchcraft can be very useful for understanding how to create positive change using the Law of Attraction. Indeed, If you integrate the practices offered here, you’ll see new manifestations develop in your life that feel—no matter what your spiritual orientation—just like magic.

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