Magic White and Black By Franz Hartmann

Magic White and Black By Franz Hartmann
 Magic White and Black By Franz HartmannMagic White and Black By Franz Hartmann 

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In Magic White and Black,

Dr. Franz Hartmann offers a thorough overview of the myriad aspects of life and reality,

involving aspects of magic and spiritualism.


Although the title emphasizes magic, the scope of what is arguably the masterwork of Dr. Franz Hartmann is much wider. This book discusses various mystical phenomena, and how the human mind interacts - purposefully or otherwise - with the magical realm beyond what is seen in ordinary existence. Hartmann's work is multifaceted; he explains with clarity the various manifestations of the supernatural or occult in religion's great prophets, and also attempts to reconcile scientific explanations.

As a practicing physician who held great interest in the occult arts, Hartmann appreciated the power of science to heal. He was also a follower of the Rosicrucian movement, which proposed a spiritual awakening and reformation of all mankind, so that humans may properly align with spiritual forces and unite to actively seek this knowledge. In all, Magic White and Black is a superb landmark in late 19th century occult literature. Hartmann's methodical style of writing, whereby knowledge of subjects such as human consciousness and reality are shared, render this book a superb introduction to the occult arts. Where other authors stray to the opaquely cryptic and mystical, Franz Hartmann treads a clear, reasoned and accessible path to spiritual attainment.

This copy of the work is adapted from the fourth edition.

It includes all of the illustrations originally appended, together with the tables Hartmann uses to properly explain some of the more complex concepts.

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