MANIFEST 'God Manifest Through Me' By Oliver Bowes

MANIFEST 'God Manifest Through Me' By Oliver Bowes

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Author Oliver Bowes went through years of darkness and suffering before his life was suddenly transformed. Anxious, in pain, debt ridden, out of luck - he tried various books and they didn't work. He tried visualization, that didn't work. He studied the magick in medieval manuscripts - to no avail. yet he continued to pray God daily. Then there was a result, and a sudden chain of events altered his life completely: 'God became manifest through him': his illness disappeared, his spirit was effused with joy, money seemed to be coming 'out of thin air', and there were no more panic attacks.

The spiritual methods which made such a difference are revealed in this booklet.

Thrilled by the change in his life, he explained the methods to family and friends who reported similar results. It was then he turned to us to publish them.


God's power is already there all around you - you need only to ACCEPT IT! SEE YOUR LIFE TURN AROUND COMPLETELY AS YOU USE THESE SPIRITUAL METHODS. Feel the power of spirit! 'Feel the angels' presence! Feel burdens lifted! Experience the joy of self-healing, and the joy of healing others! Travel out of your body and meet beautiful angelic beings! Feel heaven all around you, protecting and nurturing! Such are the author's experience - and the experience of others who have tried and tested these simple methods!


Love enters your life! You receive the respect of others! You get lucky even in gambling! But you have to try these for yourself. If you have failed a thousand times before with other methods you are precisely the person who needs to try what's here! You could never be more despondent than the author, who was in the pits of despair after losing his father, on top of all his other woes. For him, there seemed no light at the end of the tunnel. He was all washed up. THE DARKEST HOUR IS ALWAYS BEFORE DAWN.

If this is your darkest hour then step forward and try these methods and experience 'God manifest through me'! But there is more!

In addition to Mr Bowes' work there is a separate section by John Pope which includes: Ridding eczema... Telepathic communication with others... Seeing through solids... Stopping palpitations... Bringing warmth to a damp room (spirit help)... Finding lost or stolen objects... Inducing sleep... Information about past lives... preventing illness... Attracting a devoted lover... Mastering a foreign language... Protection while travelling... Quashing bad habits... Moving objects by thought alone... Preventing psychic attack.




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