Medicinal Mushrooms By Richard Bray

Medicinal Mushrooms By Richard Bray
 Medicinal Mushrooms By Richard BrayMedicinal Mushrooms By Richard Bray 

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A Practical Guide to Healing Mushrooms,

Learn how to Harness the Amazing Medicinal Properties of Mushrooms


Mushrooms are often overlooked, but these humble fungi are a genuine miracle of nature. For millennia, different cultures have recognized the immense healing potential of mushrooms. In Medicinal Mushrooms, Richard Bray, herbalist and bestselling author, explains how you can unlock their secrets.

Are you of the opinion that "mushrooms are just a food"? Think again! 

In fact: They can boost your mushroom immune defense system and make you more resistant to infection. They can be used to deal with a host of illnesses and ailments, naturally and safely. They can increase stamina, improve mood, and even enhance libido! Everyone can Benefit from the Little-Known Knowledge Contained in this Guide In this comprehensive and research-backed book, you'll learn how to use herbal mushrooms as a force for good in your life. You might be young or old. In peak condition or looking for ways to improve your health. A veteran mushroom lover or a fledgling fungi fancier.

Whoever you are, this medicinal mushrooms guide will open your eyes to a new world. Be prepared to embrace the medicinal mushrooms organic and natural lifestyle! Bursting with practical advice, and containing dozens of photographs and graphics, Medicinal Mushrooms will make you an expert on all things mycological.

In this medicinal mushrooms book you'll discover:

 - The secret history of healing mushrooms.

- How indigenous peoples have exploited their incredible powers for thousands of years!

- The 28 "super-mushrooms" that can deliver a powerful and potent boost to your health.

- The 60+ illnesses and ailments that healers, physicians and therapists treat using mushrooms. PLUS the specific mushrooms used for each condition.

- Detailed info on how to safely consume different mushrooms for the best possible health outcome.

- How to easily prepare mushrooms for medicinal use. That includes extractions, tinctures, cooking method AND instructions on how to make different types of refreshing mushroom tea!

If you're looking for a practical and inexpensive way to boost your health - you've found it!

Buy Medicinal Mushrooms now, and unlock nature's most powerful secret.

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Shamanism; the art, practice and religion of the truly powerful mystic - long-shrouded in secrecy, misinformation and fear.

Perhaps once in a generation an author comes along with the vision and voice to lift the veil on the truth behind the legend... Richard Gordon is, without doubt, just such an author. Writing from many
years of experience in the Shamanic Arts, he is one of the first to bring this astounding Magickal tradition into crystal-clear focus for beginner and experienced practitioner alike.




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